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Singing/Drumming/Live Music

Fire Performances


LED Robot

Solo Contortion 

Duo Contortion 

Trio Contortion

Male/Female Hand to Hand Balancing 

Solo or Duo Rod Balancing 

Solo Aerial Silk

Duo Aerial Silk or Duo Tandem Aerial Silk

Solo Aerial Hoop 

Duo Aerial Hoop or Duo Tandem Aerial Hoop

Solo Weggsphere 

Duo Weggsphere 

Contortion Cube (Ground Act) 

Ambient Performances

Magicians (Male or Female)

Comedians (Male or Female)




DJ Services


Westcoast Contortion & Acrobatics is a professional performance troupe based out of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. WCA is fully involved in the Movie (Stunt/Feature), Commercial and Ad Industry. We specialize in unique customizable shows offering one of a kind live entertainment featuring contortion, dance, acrobatics and aerial silks. Through the use of original music, visuals and costumes, we cater to every aspect of your entertainment needs. From a single performer to full scaled productions inclusive of live singing, instruments, and choreographed themes, we can create a show that will leave you bending over backwards for more.




We require a Greenroom to dress, change, warm up & rest between sets, supplied with water & access to a bathroom.

Normal show time would be 3 hrs on “SET” (1 hr prior to performance with up to 2hr slated for performances)… if over 3 hrs on “SET” food is required from client.

Liability & Performer Insurance

We carry $5 million in liability insurance with Lloyds on London. On every show we have insurance written up including my Company, my Rigger, the Venue, & our Promoter or Client.

Aerial Rigging Requirements

Our riggers need to view each venue that we rig in. They charge $50.00 To do so whether a show goes through or not. We have rigged at most all major venues & banquet halls so for those venues riggers have them on file & a sight viewing would not be required.

We can rig an aerial hoop as low as 13 feet and an aerial silk as low as 15 feet (we do not perform many drops at this low a height)

We require a structural beam, trussing or secured eye bolt to rig from.

We require a 6 ft circumference of cleared area where our aerialist will perform. If this is a standing audience then stanchions would be required.


We have different sizes of Acrobatic Tables that we perform on;

• Our main table is a 4 by 6 foot by 2 foot high -plexi glass & medal acrobatic table.

• Our Spool table is a round table measuring a circumference of 4 feet

• Our Black Hexagon tables come in 3 different sizes

Stage Size

Ambient Performances- 7 by 7 ft area

Stage Performances – 12 by 12 ft area

(depending on different act we could get away with a 10 by 10 ft stage)



Click on artist to see profile.



“I have hired the Westcoast Contortion & Acrobatics team for 25 events over the last 6 years, having the utmost trust in their skills to leave every audience captivated and entertained. From corporate to private, these amazing performers boost the quality of my events every time with the glitz of their Vegas style entertainment, the uniqueness of their shows, and their reliable professionalism.”

Jessica McLaren

Owner, Event Producer Inview Entertainment

“Westcoast Contortion & Acrobatics are one of the most highly sought-after Pacific Show Productions’ entertainers for both public and private events. Audiences are left in awe with the controlled strength and flexibility of these young ladies as they fold limbs in such twisted poses that seem humanly impossible. Westcoast Contortion & Acrobatics…spectacular entertainment!”

Michael Granek

Event Producer, Pacific Show Productions

“The girls were absolutely great at the Canadian Event Industry Awards Event…Given the small size of the stage, they made the necessary allowances and still managed to look great without blinking an eye. As always, they were extremely cooperative and fun to work with. We look forward to many more events with this very talented group.”

Doug Matthews

Managing Director, Pacific Show Productions

“Thank you for your cooperation and assistance leading up to and during the Cisco Systems Partner Summit Meeting Welcome Reception at VCEC. The routines were polished and professional and made a great addition to the entertainment package…The client was very pleased and so were we….it was a pleasure working with you.”

Tony Talarico

Event Manager MVKA Productions

“I couldn’t have asked for a more professional team of people to work with. Their addition to the show made it one that people will remember for a lifetime. From the first moment the contortionists entered a crowd started to form. Within a matter a minute the whole party diverted their attention to the contortionists. They had a swarm of people around them watching with awe.”

Thomas Lynch

Fashion Designer, Event Planner

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