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Price: Starting from $800 to $1,500, depending on the number of performers required (1-3 performers).

*Performed at parties.

3 x 6/8 Minute Sets.

Do your guests enjoy being entertained as they sip a relaxing cocktail and mingle with friends and acquaintances? Our accomplished contortionists can provide intriguing visual acts that add a touch of the surreal to your gathering. Artists perform on small acrobatic tables for either 2 sets that are 12-15 minutes in length or 3 sets of 8-10 minutes. They showcase poses that defy the human form and will astonish the senses.

ambient lr2.jpg

Contortionists also perform atop acrobatic pillars that allow all in attendance an excellent viewpoint. These Freestyle Acrobatic Performances are set to the background music provided by the client. 1 or 2 performers are able to perform up to (3 )10 min. Sets over a 2 hr call time at a venue. 2 ½ hrs or more at a venue generally require a 3/4-person crew.

• For a solo artist: Please contact us

• 2 acrobats: Please contact us

• 3 acrobats: Please contact us

• 4 acrobats: Please contact us




We have lowered the price to help our club owners out but it is difficult to get performers out as these events typically end so late.

• Aerial Acts for clubs are 3-10 min. Sets over 2 hrs

• In some cases we have a semi permanent rig that we have placed in a club along with my personal aerial silk with the understanding that no one is permitted to touch my silks as our insurance is then null and void. We carry $5 million in liability insurance with Lloyds on London.

• If repeat performances are being done then placing a semi permanent rig is the way to go.

• Ground contortion/acrobatic Acts are 3-10 min Sets over 2 Hrs

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